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Things I learned from my mom

Have you guys seen that Geico commercial where the sloth is playing pictionary? It makes me cry laugh every time! For some reason that reminds me of my mom. She loved those silly, stupid commercials and would call me when they came on the TV and ask if I had seen them.

I was always wondering how I would see and feel my mom on this earth and I totally think it is those silly commercials! Really and truly lol.

My mom passed away about 6 months ago from a stupid accident. So so stupid. Buuuut that is a story for another time. I have been in the the midst of this grieving process since last November and this ish is so hard. Grieving is such a weird process, waves of different emotions that come whenever the crap they want.

So part of that process for me was/is thinking about the things I had learned from her...the good stuff and the bad stuff. Or rather, what to do and what not to do in life.

Here are the top ten lessons I learned from Mom:

1. How to be independent: she really taught me how to do things on my own and how important it was to know how to take care of myself.

2. Be yourself: my mom was outrageous and didn't care what people thing. I am still working on this but she inspired me to speak my mind and not worry about what others thought.

3. Go to the bloody doctor!: she did not do this but inspired ME to. Taking care of your body, includes letting the professionals actually help. Also, preventative routines make all the difference.

4. Have an unwind/nighttime routine: I read in the bath because I watched my mom do it. Every night! I love that she had a regular routine to relax and wind down. It makes such a positive affect on sleep and health in general.

5. The importance of reading: my mom was a teacher that taught kids how to read... and she read nightly before bed. It became routine for me and has made me a much better life learner.

6. Do not let work take over your life: this is another learn what not to do situation. I will never be the woman that lives to work. I saw how it affected relationships and quality of life. That's a no for me dawg.

7. Move your body daily: this started as a negative early in life but turned into a positive as an adult. We would work out together when I was really young and now it is just part of my life. And I don't mean 3 hours a day workouts. I am talking moving your body in a fun way every day.

8. Wear SPF: If you know me at all, you know how I feel about this. Just wear it people! It is the #1 anti-aging tip and it prevents skin cancer. Do it.

9. Having a relationship with God: She was someone who I witnessed talk to God and read the Bible outside of church. Regularly! Actions not words.

10. Mental health is real: my mom thought seeing the therapist meant you were weak. I disagree :) I believe you are strong to face the fears and do the work. Mental health affects physical health. Mind, body, spirit. They are all connected and they all deserve to be taken care of.

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I like how you share here that you learned the life lessons by following and/or avoiding things she did. Touching

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