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"I don't have time for skincare": 3 beauty products you need for an easy skincare routine

I am a woman obsessed with skincare... and also with simplicity. So here I am to give you the 3 products that will legit change your skin, and not your schedule.

When I was younger I had regular teenage acne, then broke out like a monster in my late 20's. Thankfully, I found a great derm that introduced Epiduo to me. It was a true lifesaver. Though the majority of the painful acne was gone, I was left with textured, dull, and peeling, yet oily skin. I needed something to bring it back to life!

After some research, and much trial and error, I have found that these are the top 3 products you need in your skincare routine. I'm telling you, within two weeks I was getting compliments that I had never heard before. "Your skin is glowing!"

simple skincare steps
What products do I need for my skincare routine?

Ok, Sarah, shut up and tell me what they are! Alright, Alright :)

The 3 skincare products to transform your skin:

Chemical Exfoliator

* Why? A safer way to exfoliate/break down the icky barrier and reveal smoother, shinier skin.

* When? Use PM after cleansing and before moisturizer

* Recommendations:

Vitamin C

* Why? Antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals, bright skin & smooth fine lines.

* When? Use AM after rinsing/cleansing and before SPF

* Recommendations:



* Why? Because I said. JK. Plumps skin and prevents future signs of aging.

* When? Use AM/PM (SPF is a must)

* Recommendations:

Cerave (dry skin)

Cerave (normal to oily)

La Roche-Posay

Can you add more to this? Heck yes! You can have a 10 product skincare routine if you like. There are other products, like retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, etc, that can make a lovely difference in your skin. However, the three I mentioned above are the top products to start with.

Do you already use acids, vitamin c, and SPF? Tell me below in the comments! Give me your faves! I will go more in depth on each step in future blogs, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading guys.

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Aug 14, 2018

Paula's Choice, I hope you like joining my shopping cart! =)


Aug 14, 2018

Awesome suggestions! ❤️❤️

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